improvised music & dance performance



TERESIAS SUITE, named after the title of one song of the band, is presenting a fresh collaboration
between the french band & music project ITHAK and the Austrian / Amsterdam based choreographer
ANDREA HACKL that has started in Amsterdam this summer.
For the night, ITHAK & ANDREA HACKL will invite HEATHER WARE to join the show.
The performance will present visuals of the media artist Kikki Picasso.
is based in Austria and the Netherlands and works as choreographer, dancer and teacher as well as
video artist. Her work cherishes the power and poetry of dance & its physicality & is, most of all, a
celebration of life.
As dancer, she has danced with companies/choreographers like Jasper van Luijk | KORZO Productions,
Cascade Dance Theater, Emanuel Gat Dance, United C, Suzy Blok & Fabian Chyle and toured major
venues and festivals world-wide.
As much as she cherishes dance and believes in its power, she’s inspired by cross-pollination &
interdisciplinary work, by seeing how different fields can nourish and enrich one another. Over the last
years, working with the video, she has produced various films and has been exploring the medium of
installation and hybrid installation performances.
Andrea cherishes improvisation in collaboration with musicians and has equally produced work in
collaboration with scientists, mostly addressing the subject of human-nature relationships.
Her work has been presented in Europe, US & Asia.
Heather Ware [Banff, Canada, 1980] has been dancing with LeineRoebana since 2003, and has become
a respected and celebrated dancer of the Dutch Danceworld. In 2010 she received the Zwaan
nomination for most impressive dansperformance of the year, for her role in LeineRoebana’s 72 Suggesties aan een lichaam.
These last years she’s started to create her own performances.
STÉPHANE GASQUET : synthesizer
ANTOINE VIARD : saxophone baryton
SEB EL ZIN : guitares, saz, ney, voix
The babel-band comes back with an ever softer fusion of beat poetry with cyber psychedelic punk, free
oriental rock entangled with electronic hallucinated grooves, a bold and global music.
inflamed vocal cords, asymmetric-barbed guitars, hammered skins, screaming horns and cosmic organs:
a formula that defies borders to travel in today’s music, free and furiously engaged.
You could almost describe ITHAK as the meeting between Talking Heads, Pink Floyd and The Young
Gods …
a perfect soundtrack for the beginning of XXI century…