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Vinyl Release Ceremony How Does It Feel?

The Soul Travelers

soulfull hip hop from Amsterdam

The journey started in 2009 when Donnie, coming from Chicago, met Guido while studying abroad in Amsterdam. The two instantly bonded through their love for hip hop and delving into the mysteries of life. Although Donnie left just a week after they met, they collaborated long distance, releasing several albums as G-DO & Xception. During that time Guido met Shishani, a Namibian/Belgian singer-songwriter, and her good friend Bernt Nellen, a German percussionist.

In December 2012 Donnie moved to Amsterdam to work on the ground with Guido. By the end of the next year the two of them and Bernt decided to visit Shishani, who was living and studying in Namibia. It was there the organic sound of The Soul Travelers was spontaneously born on the shores of the Atlantic, where the group simply had their favorite tools in tow; a guitar, pandeiro, and a song to share with the world. After returning to Amsterdam in 2013 and performing their third ceremony at Zaal 100, the family continued to expand with Mark Nieuwenhuis on trumpet and, later, Koen van den Buuse on acoustic bass. More than 300 ceremonies later the vibration is stronger than ever.

While complete with the full force of the band, How Does It Feel? offers beautiful space for the listener to begin to ask themselves that exact question. The album displays quite the range of movement but even at it’s hardest edges it remains welcoming to the soul. Produced by the band and mixed by Mark Nieuwenhuis, How Does It Feel? is an acoustic and harmonious call to a new modern myth of unity.

On this night, The Soul Travelers will be releasing the limited edition vinyl pressing of How Does It Feel? The 250 copies will be the only pressing of the album and available first at Zaal 100.