Goeie Zin presenteert:


Mantra Music Magic by Sandhya and Lea

Goeie Zin is DE avond in Zaal 100 voor singer-songwriters en semi akoestische muziek.
Vanavond spelen voor U het duo U&I met
Mantra Music Magic

Lea and Sandhya have been musical colleagues for a while now. Lea has been playing bass in Sandhya's Indo World band Halfway to India for a couple of years. About a year ago, Lea was playing some of her own songs where she accompanies herself on acoustic guitar. The chords were simple but rang something deep in Sandhya, who started singing mantras to them. She was born and raised in India and has always had a deep connection with mantras. And thus was formed the ecstatic mantra group U&I.

On May 23rd, they do a special concert at Goeie Zin, Zaal 100, where they give you a fun inside peep into the whole process. At first Lea will sing some of her originals, then they will play the U&I repertoire and invite the whole audience to join in.

To make the whole experience even more fun and magical, Sandhya (who is passionate about plant based food) will enter the Zaal 100 kitchen and dish up some authentic South Indian food.

Maar eerst lekker eten vanaf 6 uur.
3 gangen vega voor euro 9,50
De live muziek begint om 8 uur.
Toegang is gratis maar we gaan wel met de pet rond dus neem cash geld mee ;-)
Sowieso handig in Zaal 100 want geen pin.