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De Vrije Hand van Sara Devika

Somersault Baby, Lange Niezel, Dessy Mesk + Rock'n'Rolodex


It's TIME to focus on your TIME and spend it wisely! DISCOVER! DISCOVER! DISCOVER! Wanna discover your new favourite song? Wanna discover new genres? Catch a diverse atmosphere? Or just feel like dancing? THIS IS THE NIGHT.

Thanks to UPHILLBOOKINGS and De Vrije Hand
Dessy Mesk (LUX)
With greetings from the Grand-Duchy, the luxembourgish four-piece band performs mellow & catchy Indie-pop music assuring some chill and dancy vibes. Influences include Mac Demarco, Sonic Youth and Weezer.

It's dex, it's flex, nothing like sex, it's Rolodex.
A band who's inspired by lots of different styles and manages to make a new sound out of it! So give it a 'yolo' time to get Rolo

Lange Niezel
A friend of mine visited me at work for some free food. While eating what I had prepared for him he asked me about my band: "Where are you playing? Like at my funeral or wedding?". "Yeah, both would be fitting", I replied. "How about the beach?". "No", I answered abruptly, "people are too happy and relaxed there. Our music goes better with situations where there is something emotional at stake; for example your birthday!"

Somersault baby
Het klinkt als een steek door je hart, het voelt als vier frequenties verliezen per minuut. Geinspireerd door sludge, stoner en grunge maakt Somersault Baby sludgepop. Kettingrokend op een zolderkamertje, luisterend naar artiesten als PJ Harvey, Pixies en Elliott Smith besteedde songwriter Maaike van der Voort haar voornamelijkste tijd.