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methods of structural improvisation

Snake Orange

Daniele Ledda | Jodi Gilbert | Laura Giavon | Giuseppe Doronzo | Marta Warelis | Miguel Petrucelli | Lucio Tasca | Tatiana Rosa | Marco Caredda: | George Hadow

Snake Orange

Directed by Daniele Ledda

«Improvisation enjoys the privilege of being the most widely practiced activity and, at
the same time, the least known and understood», this is the way Derek Bailey’s
Improvisation: Its Nature and Practice in Music” begins.

Daniele will use a system that combines different methods of structural improvisation (Cobra System, Soundpainting system) where the orchestra leader gathers individual musicians requests and shows them different signals or gestures in order to create specific interactions between performers.

The event is a Tincozero production.

Daniele Ledda: Conduction
Jodi Gilbert, Laura Giavon: Voices
Giuseppe Doronzo: Baritone sax
Marta Warelis: piano
Miguel Petrucelli, Lucio Tasca: guitar
Tatiana Rosa: flute,electronics
Marco Caredda: bass
George Hadow: drums