Mystifiers & Desiré vd Berg

Slow Down Amsterdam showcase

The Mystifiers and Desire v/d Berg proudly present the Slow Down Amsterdam showcase @Zaal 100, presenting the second part of our show from 16:00 - 17:00 hr.
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* About Slow Down Amsterdam *
In a city like Amsterdam, time goes fast. Very fast. Because our surroundings pull at us so much, we tend not to look anymore. Not to listen. Not to feel.

In Slow Down Amsterdam, the unnoticed process of time experience is interrupted by enforcing awareness through delaying moments. The city is portrayed in slow motion: places and people glide by, with the band members of and important locations for The Mystifiers central to it. These longer minutes enhance visual details in the hope that they will receive new appreciation.

The combination with music written, composed and played LIVE by The Mystifiers sucks the viewer into the moment, offering a new perspective to the unseen.