€ 2,00


Film Night

It's a surprise ;-)

We are organizing our monthly movie night at zaal 100 on Friday, 9th of June.

About the movie:
A story of alienation, loneliness, sexual isolation, obsession, depression, individual-society conflicts, and death. It goes very deep into the mind of a lonely man and gives us a deep analysis of his psychology. While watching the movie, you might feel like a stalker sometimes since it brings us to the darkest corners of the character’s mind.

We are drawn into the bleak, daily life of a somewhat faceless man, whose life seems to become more and more of a burden to him. Time seems to pass by randomly in this film, but through inter titles in the film we are still reminded of which day it is. A cynical reference to the meaninglessness of our existence? This film seems so un-Turkish to me, as it is so cold and dark, yet the cultural references are all over the place, for the ones who are familiar with Turkish culture, history, and politics. All and all it makes this one of the few Turkish movies that is also very accessible for the West European viewer.

dinner for 10 euros including soup, main course, salad and dessert. Everything is vegetarian but let us know if you're vegan. You can have your dinner anytime before 20.00 and it is better if you make a RESERVATION to not go hungry 😋
20:15-20:15 introduction
20:30 movie time! 🎬 the movie costs 2 euros with free popcorn 🍿!!

Please don't forget to bring cash because everything is CASH ONLY including the drinks!! 🍷🍺

food reservations via paulvandijk1@mac.com please or you can send and e-mail to: sisigraphco@gmail.com