100x40=9 aftrap met Amsterdamse punkbands

Labasheeda / Templo Diez / Viper Mad

100x40=9 oftewel Zaal 100 viert 40 jarig bestaan in 9 dagen
Zaal 100 has its 40th anniversary this month. To celebrate this, there will be daily performances by musicians, actors and poets in the large and small hall from Friday 12 to Sunday 20 April, and presentations of yoga, Shorinji kempo (Japanese defense art) and dance will be given in Studio 100. All this under the title 100x40=9.
As a gift for the neighborhood, all performances and presentations can be attended for free.
We kick off on April 12 with performances by Templo Diez, Viper Mad & Labasheeda.
At 19.00 there will also be the opening of a photo exhibition with work by José Melo, Floris de Jong, Paul van Goudoever and Ruth Hoeck with images taken between 1984 and 2024.
The photo on the poster was taken by José Melo during the opening of Zaal 100 in 1984 and can be seen in the exhibition.
Door open @ 19.30, start concert 20.00
Templo Diez, the Dutch veterans mixing a gothic blend of rock, dream pop and Americana, are back after a 4-year sabbatical. With renewed inspiration drawing from real life, chance reads and vintage road movies, they are currently putting the finishing touch to their new (seventh!) album , exploring the favourite Templo Diez tropes (flailing hopes, waves at night, loss and undying love, soft-spoken elegies and endless roads) in 9 tracks intended as sonic short-movies.
Over the years, raving reviews resulted in an invitation for the prestigious show case festival SXSW in Austin, Texas and regular gigs in the US, Canada, UK, France, Belgium and Spain, including festivals such as CMJ (New York), NXNE (Toronto) and CMW (Montreal). In their home country, they played at major events such as Crossing Border or Motel Mozaïque, but also thrive in intimate performances in smaller clubs and galleries, sometimes swapping their reverb-laden electric sound for a more acoustic approach, when the right stars are aligned.
Light the Way is the key song on Viper Mad's new album, which will be presented tonight in Hall 100.
Viper Mad is a collective that has been playing together in various line-ups since 2018.
A catchy cocktail (…) of indie rock, dub, coolwave, jazz and even afrobeat. It produces a strong and consistent yet varied whole, with various instant classics that never let go and get deep under your skin, wrote Jan-Willem Broek, Subjectivists https://subjectivisten.nl/nnm-viper-mad-first/
Labasheeda is an idiosyncratic rocktrio from Amsterdam. Tying together two decades of adventurous, sound-evolving albums and changing lineups, Labasheeda’s music has a penchant for concise, stripped down melodies, and quick switches from spacious bass lines and drums to heavy, chaotic, and sometimes anthemic guitar driven songs. The unorthodox use of violin, the often deviating time signatures and Saskia van der Giessen’s distinctive voice give the band its unique sound.
In November 2023 Labasheeda released its sixth full-length album Blueprints, which has been has been described as an innovative post-punk masterpiece by the international press.
“It’s just at the point where rock and roll tips over into noise, where melody turns into sonic soundscaping and where song structure becomes untethered and unruly, that you find Labasheeda”
(The Big Take Over magazine)