€ 12,00


Restaurant: Sisi & Sevgi koken + Film Night

It's a surprise ;-)
Dinner for 10 euro including soup, main course, and dessert. Everything is vegetarian but let us know if you’re vegan. You can have your dinner anytime before 20.30 and it is better if you make a RESERVATION to not go hungry 😋
19.15-20.15 Eva de Kapperetier
Performing songs of her "Kapperet” show / Speelt liedjes uit haar “Kapperet” voorstelling
20:15-20:30 Introduction to movie
20:30 Movie time! 🎬 the movie costs 2 euros with free popcorn 🍿
Music costs 3 euros
!!Please don’t forget to bring cash because everything is CASH ONLY including the drinks!!
Reservation: 06-85368215 / / 020-6880127
About the movie:
We have shown a lot of culturally significant and arthouse films in the past year. From Turkish to Italian and Hungarian cinema, from classics to more obscure films and from shockers to more slow and brooding films.
Tonight’s film will be a bit different. We will dispense with the artsy fartsy stuff for once (although we love it :)) and show something completely different. This is an old fashioned action comedy that could have only been made  back in the eighties. This film is pure nostalgia for me as it is one of the movies I watched as a kid and the memories of those times always stay with you throughout your life.
An obvious question would be: Am I just torturing you to watch something that, when stripped of nostalgic value, has nothing to offer to you? I’ve carefully considered this question and am convinced the answer should be no. But why?
Well, for one reason, this movie is one of the few highlights of Dutch cinema, in my opinion (of which there are not many). It’s not an artistic movie by any standards, but it does show us some nice details of Dutch culture. Also it was a blockbuster back in the days and features some famous Dutch actors. Most of all, if you have an appetite for black humour: this is the film for you!
Some could say that this was a very commercially made movie, Hollywood style and they would be right, as it was a box office winner at the times. It features all the things that attract mainstream audiences: sex, violence, action, drama.
However, there is also a very dark and off beat storyline here, based on youth rebellion taken to the extreme. Basically, this movie shows the worst consequences of bad parenting and then some…
Intrigued? Come and join us to see what happens when children take control over their own lives…