€ 8,00

Curator: Nicolás Chientaroli

Instant Music Day

Jeroen Kimman | Nico Chientaroli | Andreas Kuhne | Jodi Gilbert | Tineke de Jong | Albert van Veenendaal | Andy Moor | Onno Govaert

Dear friends,

I'm very happy to invite you to this edition of the Instant Music Day!! This Wednesday 21 Feb we will have a very special and exciting evening, three sets including all this wonderful improvisers: Jeroen Kimman, Andreas Kühne and me will play first. Second Jodi Gilbert, Tineke de Jong and Albert van Veenendaal and for the last set this power duo Andy Moor and Onno Govaert. Really looking forward to it!! Hope you can make it!!!

Nicolás Chientaroli

1st set
Jeroen Kimman - guitar
Nico Chientaroli - piano
Andreas Kuhne - drums

2nd set
Jodi Gilbert - voice
Tineke de Jong - violin
Albert van Veenendaal - piano

3rd set
Andy Moor - guitar
Onno Govaert - drums