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Electric Feathers

semi-electronic popband from Amsterdam / LP-release party

Electric Feathers is a 3-piece semi-electronic popband from Amsterdam, founded in March 2018. Fronted by both Elske Steen and Marijn Slager and backed by Wouter Verhulst, this is an outfit that covers it all: from female to male vocals, from bluesy guitars to indisputable key-tars, from pounding live-drums to precise electronic beats. Their musical style ranges from the creativity of Super Furry Animals to the minimalism of Kraftwerk, from the party-hardy dance of Daft Punk to the space-is-the-place from Trentemøller, but always catchy and poppy like for example Gorillaz, Haim or Tame Impala. Wouter and Marijn met in a recording studio while working on a soundtrack for a German romantic comedy. Since then they’ve been working on film and commercial stuff together off and on, but soon agreed that they sometimes miss the raw energy of playing live, in a band. Marijn was working on a couple of songs at the time, with long-time friend Elske. Once they brought in Wouter to play drums on some of those songs, the energy in the studio hit peak level and everything fell into place: it was immediately clear that this was gonna be that band. Before forming Electric Feathers, the band members have been active participants in the Dutch music scene, playing in bands such as Nuff Said, Travoltas, The Pheromones and The Anacondas.