€ 10,00

Double bill:

TzZiiiY / Dom Shemesh

An evening of two duos, guitar and movement
An evening of two duos, guitar and movement:
TzZiiiY (Arvind Ganga + Maria Mavridou) and Dom Shemesh (Omer Sigler + Manuela Lucia Tessi)
Lights by Petyr Veenstra
Arving Ganga (electric guitar + objects) + Maria Mavridou (movement)
‘tzZiiiY’ is a movement and sound performance that invites unpredictability. The two performers go on stage without previous agreements, committed to an uncompromising, moment to moment search for intensity – a ‘tzZiiiY’ – that is felt and that resonates. Engaging intuitively with the atmosphere of the gathered audience and the room, they hand each other full permission and push themselves to the edge. The desire to overcome their limits is central to this work. Riding on the same desire, with often radically different attitudes and ways, the two reveal the wilderness, awkwardness, devastation, fragility and humorousness of their co-existence. Meanwhile, they both surrender to serendipity which brings together sounds and movements into ephemeral pieces of art.
Dom Shemesh
A new project of Omer Sigler - electric guitar and Manuela Lucia Tessi - dance
From the poetic to the unutterable, a duo meandering intuitively with sounds and movement. A delicate and rough play of form and formlessness.