€ 8,00

Curator: Nicolás Chientaroli

Instant Music Day

Sannety | Felicity Provan | Hernán Samá | Lucio Tasca | Marta Warelis | Miguel Petruccelli | Tristan Renfrow

Dear friends,

With great pleasure I invite you again to this monthly series this time it will have four sets, two solos and two trios!! It will be a wonderful impro evening for sure. You cannot miss it!
For me will be great to play again after many years with Hernán Samá, a very good friend from Argentina who just moved to Amsterdam and we are lucky to play in trio with Felicity Provan!
Check this wonderful and very diverse program:
1st set
Sannety - live electronics

2nd set
Felicity Provan - trumpet, voice
Hernán Samá - tenor sax
Nico Chientaroli - piano

3rd set
Lucio Tasca - guitar

4th set
Marta Warelis - piano, synth
Miguel Petruccelli - bass, guitar
Tristan Renfrow - drums